Aan het laden...


MOTSUS is probably the 100th band to revel in the sludgy, heavy sounds of Black Sabbath and Kyuss. Their music is dead slow and heavy, sometimes razor fast but foremost persistent, as a long fully loaded freight train.


Hailing from the West-Flemish poldercity Oudenburg, this 3-piece joined forces in the fall of 2012. They bring you instrumental polder rock, a mix of heavy stoner riffs, contemporary sludge-metal and old-school hard rock. Their sound is raw, sinister and dark.

Like an explorer from a distant galaxy, scanning our tiny blue planet, we sent out Oumuamua. Through its sound and music, it will leave a big permanent yawp to the dark of space and time. Its noise will be heard all over the intergalactic space. It will make you want to move – even dance. It might trick you into screaming along. It will make you wonder, perhaps trigger you into thinking about life and purpose itself. But it surely will make a lot of noise – like a big hell of a fuck you to the void.

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